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To effectively lead others you must first learn how to lead yourself

The leadership program combines coaching sessions with modules that will increase your self insight. The modules will increase the awareness of yourself, how your thoughts influence your feelings and behaviours and affect your relations.


After the program you will have access to a handson toolbox to help you grow in your leadership and reach your goals.


The leadership program suits well in the following scenarios:

  • When you are new as a manager or starting a new position 

  • When you are aiming for a management position in the near future

  • When you feel stuck in your professional role and wish to find back to your motivation 

Below are a few examples of leadership modules that might be included in the program. Based on your unique situation
we will agree upon what specific modules are relevant for you.


Your values represent what is most important to you in life. They motivate you and are the driving force behind your decisions. 


Your values form a great deal of your character and how other people experience you. 

There is a clear connection between how satisfied we are in our professional role - or in life - with to what extent we live in alignment with our values.

We will identify your core values, how well you live in accordance with them and make sure that your future goals are aligned with your values.


Your beliefs - often unconscious - are a set of regulations that you live your life in accordance to. A limited belief can for example be “I cannot talk in front of a group”.

The following equation describe how our performance relate to our true potential (Source T. Gallway)

Performance = Potential - Interferences 


We identify your main interferences or limiting beliefs and replace them with new ones that strengthen you and help you reach your goals.


We all have a unique set of strengths. We are not always aware of them, and they might seem too normal or ordinary to us, to be aware of them or to even appreciate them.

Becoming aware of your key strengths will help you understand what activities that fill you with energy and when you provide most value to your organisation.

Within this module you will become aware of your most significant strengths. As a result you will get a chance to develop your strengths even further and to actively use them when needed.

Most leadership courses on the market focus mainly
on teaching knowledge and skills - areas that are controlled by the logic and thinking part of our brain.

But what if what stands in the way of your development is rooted in the emotional part of your brain? The part that controls your thoughts, feelings and behaviours?

In that case you can take endless courses in for example presentation technique without becoming much better in holding presentations.


To access your full potential you must first become aware of your limiting beliefs. After that you can actively start changing them.


Contact me to learn more about the program.

Image by Alesia Kazantceva
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