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 "Coaching with Lina helped me to quickly adapt to my new role at Acceptus. 

I personally started to deliver value early on in my employment and for my team the coaching insights resulted in a more
efficient knowledge transfer"

Therese Lundgren,
Sales and Implementation Manager,
Acceptus AB


Onboarding with coaching create
commitment and efficiency at Acceptus

During the last year I’ve had the opportunity to assist Acceptus in offering coaching to their new employees. For a period of six months I was a coach for Therese Lundgren when she started a new position as Sales- and Implementation Manager for Acceptus digital services. The coaching program focused on 3 leadership areas that Therese wished to strengthen when starting her new role.


“My goal by offering coaching was to give Therese the best possible start at Acceptus. It became clear early on in the coaching program that the coaching program had desired effect.
Therese adapted quickly to the new role. She developed very fast, became secure and started almost immediately to take initiatives in her work”, says CEO Anette Cederberg.


Therese, what do you take with you from the coaching program?

By becoming aware of my strengths I have been able to sharpen my presentation technique which I use a lot in my role. I have also learned to create clear long term visions.

The coaching program gave me and my team tools to systematically improve specific working tasks and tools to help us measure operational improvements such as better sales result." 


As a coach I feel both proud and humble to see how powerful coaching is and what a huge different it makes for both individual and organisation.

Would you like to learn more about how coaching can complement your organisation’s onboarding process?
Send me a message and I will get back to you shortly.

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